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Where have all the "Good"​ bosses gone?

Stop right there and think, "When was the last time you reported to an amazing boss?", the kind of boss you have referred friends to, the kind of boss that saw you as a human with unlimited potential? A month? A year? Five years? So where did they all go? It's not like Infinity War, they didn't get snapped out of existence. Before we go searching for them, let's look at what makes a "Good" boss. The top characteristics are:

  1. They put people first: People are the greatest asset on a team, they bring the product to life, they are the heart of a company. A recent client said a great boss "says (s)he has my back and when crunch time hits, actually does". These are the leaders you strive to emulate.

  2. They are real: Real means they are authentic and courageous enough to show up as a human. As Brene Brown says "Authenticity is a collection of choices that we have to make every day. It's about the choice to show up and be real. The choice to be honest." These bosses might be messy sometimes and, as a result, you will put yourself on the line for, day after day.

  3. They challenge the status quo: They know you are capable of more. They also know that the business needs to evolve for us all to succeed. They champion change within the team and out in the greater business. They refuse to be the Blockbuster, and instead strive for Netflix status! It is exciting and terrifying working for them, like a roller coast